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This Is Decypher

A point and click action adventure game that takes you on a short journey through one grey-box level. Hack and slash your way though enemies all whilst dodging the onslaught of enemy attacks. The game is not easy, every misclick and late dodge will be punished.

Game Features

  • Learn Your Foes — Each enemy has unique attack animations and timings that you must learn.
  • Ramping Difficulty — The introduction of new enemies and chaotic enemy setups makes this no walk in the park.
  • Chose How to Play — Go for the backline or kill the immediate threats up close, the level design forces you to make quick decisions.


  • Controls
    • Move - Left Click
    • Attack - Right Click
    • Pause - Escape
  • Install Instructions Windows
    1. Download “Decypher win” below
    2. Extract the zip file
    3. Run Dycpher.exe
  • Install Instructions Mac
    1. Download “Decypher win” below
    2. Extract the zip file
    3. Run Dycpher.app

Final Version

Decypher was made as a “jam” game for learning purposes. Therefore development will not be continued and it will not receive updates. 

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Decypher_x86.zip 20 MB
Decypher_x64.zip 22 MB
Decypher_Mac.zip 37 MB


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The feel of this game is more like a Battle Arena game....nice concept....but there must be an additional "dodge button" or something like that...needs heavy optimisation....and some story and new models...Great work!!!!

Incredible project. I had a play and totally enjoyed it. A game to me, doesn't have to  be graphically well presented but it's more about the gameplay and the enjoyment yeah, I enjoyed the short play.



Woe dude thanks, you even pronounced my last name perfectly +1.

Thanks and hahahaha, I'm but a mear yorkshireman and am very chuffed to have pronounced your name correctly.

Thx and Good Luck